Chucky Lives On In Seventh ‘Child’s Play’ Movie

If you’re a fan of Chucky and the Child’s Play series, you will probably be happy to hear this.  Don Mancini, the creator of the franchise, said the following today on Twitter.  “To the fans who’ve asked questions about Alice and the end of #CurseofChucky: All will be answered in part 7!“  After the success of Curse of Chucky, this may not be a surprise to many,  but it is still nice to hear that progress is already being made.  There has been no confirmation that the film has been greenlit. However, we will report on that when we hear more.  Curse of Chucky was a return to form for the popular franchise and we hope that the seventh entry will be as good, if not better.  Maybe we will get to see a little more of Jennifer Tilly in this installment?



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