Day Of The Triffids Remake Finds Director


Long thought to be stuck in development hell,  Ghost House Pictures announced yesterday that a remake of the classic 1962 sci-fi horror film Day Of The Triffids will feature Mike Newell as its director. Newell, best known for directing Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire and Four Weddings And A Funeral, has never delved into the genres of horror, but he is expected to be working on a script written by Neil Cross, who was behind the screenplay for last year’s Mama.  Cross’s screenplay is said to be more of an adaptation of the original 1952 novel by John Wyndham than a pure remake of the 1962 film adaptation.  This post-apocalyptic story, which has also been adapted into two separate UK mini-series, is best remembered for the titular Triffids, killer alien plants that wreak havoc on Earth after a mysterious array of comets blinds most of the population.

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