What’s Left for 2014


So with the year coming to an end, what’s left for horror fans to look forward to?  There isn’t very much left, but it’s enough to pull us through ’til 2015.  Check out these upcoming releases for the entirety of 2014 and let us know which ones you are excited for yourselves.

The Babadook – November 28th

“The Babadook” has been available online for some time now,  but the Australian horror film officially launches on VOD platforms this Friday.  The film has received much critical acclaim since it was shown at TIFF earlier this summer.

The Pyramid – December 5th

When I originally saw the trailer for “The Pyramid”, I thought it would be headed straight to DVD.  However, this was not the case, as 20th Century Fox has set a December 5th theatrical release date for the Egypt-set film.  Let’s hope that this one lives up to its premise, which is about a team of archeologists who have gotten lost inside an intricate maze within an Egyptian pyramid and must find their way out while keeping a mysterious creature at bay .

Tusk – December 30th

Just barely making the cut, Kevin Smith’s “Tusk” will end off the year in horror.  The film stars Justin Long, who has also appeared in Jeepers Creepers and Drag Me To Hell.

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