Top 5 Horror Remakes

The remake game has been full of misses though the years.  However, there have been a few that manage to prove that sometimes, when they are done right, they’re worth watching.  Today I’m counting down my top 5 all time horror remakes.



5. House of Wax (2005)

I would think that most audiences can get behind a movie in which Paris Hilton gets impaled by a metal spear (I actually like Hilton, but it’s hard to deny this). House of Wax is an interesting remake, as the original 1953 Vincent Price-led film was more of a light thriller than a straight horror movie. The plot is barely similar in the remake, and has also been made a lot darker. That being said, it is quite an enjoyable experience, and the set design is amazing. The town itself feels very creepy and the actual house of wax is quite impressive. The story goes along nicely, holding your attention all the way through and the casting is also great. Paris Hilton even carries her weight.


When a Stranger Calls

4. When A Stranger Calls (2006)

This is a movie where a lot of people have actually judged it on its own merits. The 1979 original is not as well know as many of the other horror remakes. If people know about it, they likely haven’t seen it. There is no gore in When A Stranger Calls, you hardly ever see the killer, and the kill count is pretty low. It’s a great movie to watch with people who like horror, but aren’t fans of all the blood. When A Stranger Calls really shines by giving us a film that builds around tension and gives us a slow burn. It is an awesome PG slasher.



3. Black Christmas (2006)

I’ve made posts about this movie before, and if you’ve read them I think you know I am quite fond of it. Though not as good as the original, a tough bar to clear, Black Christmas is a great movie on its own merits. It also provides some great tie-ins to the original, so all the hardcore fans will have something to latch onto.


Texas Chainsaw

2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

This is, without a doubt, one of the best horror remakes. It really set fire to the whole remake craze. It has a good story and great character development. I feel like character development is where most horror remakes tend to fail, but not this one. The original is arguably a masterpiece and I can say that this movie does it justice. It may not be as good and there are scenes that the remake could never reproduce, but Texas Chainsaw Massacre still stands as one of the greats of the horror remake genre.


the crazies

1. The Crazies (2010)

I didn’t actually know this was a remake until after I watched it. This is an amazing movie and by far the best remake I’ve seen to date. The story is amazing and there are some great scenes that will make you tremble. It does a great job at making you scared using slow burns and eerie settings. Aside from being our number one remake, it is also one of the best horror movies I’ve ever seen.

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