We Could Get A Remake To “The Exorcist” (Updated)


Deadline is reporting that Morgan Creek is selling off the rights to a few of its more notable films, one of which is “The Exorcist”.  The sell off of the rights alone does not mean we will see a remake any time soon.  However, the CEO of Morgan Creek was quoted saying the following:

Hmmm, could a remake of Major League and Ace be in the works? “Yes,” said Robinson, who said that ideas are being tossed right now for both those and The Exorcist.

I am usually a fan of remakes but I see why people could be upset when it comes to this one.  As with most remakes we will have to see what comes out of this and who gets signed on, if it even gets to that point.  Lets hope that if it happens, it does not become a PG-13 mess like the “Poltergeist” remake.



With all the backlash that has come out online against the idea of a remake, Morgan Creek has decided to reach out via twitter.  The company has stated that they “will never ever attempt to remake The Exorcist”.  Pretty strong words but I guess they wanted to make their point clear.

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