A Resurrection (2013)

Directed by
Matt Orlando

Written by
Matt Orlando

Produced by
Philip Glasser
Brian Hartman
Aaron Levine
Amanda Jane McBridge

Jamie Kennedy Entertainment
Levine Pictures

Release date
March 22, 2013


Set during a single day and night at a high school, Jessie, a guidance counselor, Addison, the school principal and local police officer, Travis are the central characters of a “whodunit” as murder sweeps the school.  Jessie attempts to help a mentally disturbed student who is convinced that his dead brother will return and seek vengeance against the high school students that played a part in his death.


Mischa Barton Jessie
Devon Sawa Travis
Michael Clarke Duncan Addison
J. Michael Trautmann Eli
Stuart Stone Nick
Nick Jandl Brandon
Matthew Willig Vince
Alanna Janell Tammy
Morgan Wolk Dian
Brenden Meers Alex
Annie Kitral The Bruja


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