Halloween: Resurrection (2002)

Directed by
Rick Rosenthal

Written by
Larry Brand
Sean Hood

Produced by
Michael Leahy
Paul Freeman

Dimension Films

Release date
July 12, 2002


When a group of teens win a contest to spend a night in Michael Myers’ childhood home to be broadcast live on the internet, they believe they are in for a little fun and some free publicity. But, things go frightfully wrong and the game turns into a struggle to make it out of the house alive.


Jamie Lee Curtis Laurie Strode
Brad Loree Michael Myers
Busta Rhymes Freddie Harris
Bianca Kajlich Sara Moyer
Sean Patrick Thomas Rudy
Daisy McCrackin Donna
Katee Sackhoff Jen
Luke Kirby Jim
Thomas Ian Nicholas Bill
Ryan Merriman Myles Barton
Tyra Banks Nora
Billy Kay Scott
Gus Lynch Harold
Lorena Gale Nurse Wells
Marisa Rudiak Nurse Phillips



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