The Unborn (2009)

Directed by
David S. Goyer

Written by
David S. Goyer

Produced by
Michael Bay
Andrew Form
Brad Fuller

Platinum Dunes

Release date
January 9, 2009


A women discovers she was born a twin but her brother has died in the womb.  Now her undead brother wants to be born again by taking his twin sisters life.


Odette Annable Casey Beldon (Odette Yustman)
Gary Oldman Rabbi Sendak
Cam Gigandet Mark
Meagan Good Romy
Idris Elba Arthur Wyndham
Jane Alexander Sofi Kozma
Atticus Shaffer Matty Newton
James Remar Gordon Beldon
Carla Gugino Janet Beldon
C.S. Lee Dr. Lester Caldwell
Rhys Coiro Mr. Shields
Michael Sassone Eli Walker
Ethan Cutkosky Barto
Craig J. Harris Rick Hesse
Rachel Brosnahan Lisa




  • Multiple posters were made for the release of The Unborn.


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