Valentine (2001)

Directed by
Jamie Blanks

Written by
Donna Powers
Gretchen J. Berg
Aaron Harberts

Produced by
Dylan Sellers

Village Roadshow Pictures
NPV Entertainment

Release date
February 2nd, 2001


Four Friends start to receive morbid valentine day cards. Someone out there is stalking them….someone they all spurned when they were younger. And Valentines Day 2001 is the Day she/he gets their revenge.


Denise Richards Paige Prescott
David Boreanaz Adam Carr
Marley Shelton Kate Davies
Jessica Capshaw Dorothy Wheeler
Jessica Cauffiel Lily Voight
Katherine Heigl Shelley Fisher
Hedy Burress Ruthie Walker
Fulvio Cecere Detective Leon Vaughn
Daniel Cosgrove Campbell Morris
Johnny Whitworth Max Raimi
Woody Jeffreys Brian
Adam Harrington Jason Marquette
Claude Duhamel Gary Taylor
Wyatt Page Evan Wheeler
Benita Ha Kim Wheeler


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  1. Darkkar Darkkar says:

    Yea it is a good movie that’s for sure!

  2. angelxD says:

    So I found this movie on here last night and watched it, lets just say its awesome. Can’t believe I have not heard of it before.

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