Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead (2009)

Directed by:
Declan O’Brien

Produced by:
Jeffrey Beach
Phillip Roth

Written by:
Connor James Delaney

Summit Entertainment
Constantin Film

Release date:
October 20th, 2009


A group of people find themselves trapped in the backwoods of West Virginia, fighting for their lives against a group of vicious and horribly disfigured inbred cannibals.


Tom Frederic Nate
Janet Montgomery Alex
Gil Kolirin Floyd
Christian Contreras Willy
Jake Curran Crawford
Tom McKay Brandon
Charles Venn Walter
Tamer Hassan Chavez
Jack Gordon Trey
Louise Cliffe Sophie
Charley Speed Brent
Borislav Petrov Three Toes
Borislav Iliev Three Finger
Mike Straub Preslow
Bill Moody Sheriff Carver



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