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Who is Beelzebub?

In the new testament Beelzebub is used as another name for the devil. However, in christian demonology he is considered one of the seven princes of hell. He is also mentioned in other regions such as Islam and Judaism.

Depending on the spelling used the name can have different meanings. The most common meaning is “lord of the flies” or “prince of the flies”. Another meaning is also “prince of heaven” or “lord of heaven”. The meaning “lord of the flies” means he rules over all beings that fly.

Beelzebub commands 66 legions of lost souls. He is said to be half brother of Satan and they are very close. It is said that they “go back to the beginning of time”.

Being one of the seven prince of hell he often represents one of the deadly sins. Sebastien Michaelis associated Beelzebub with the deadly sin of pride. However, according to Peter Binsfeld he was the demon of gluttony.


There are a few different descriptions for Beelzebub but nothing concrete on his appearance. In all cases and references we could locate he appears as a male.  Some say he appears as tall with effeminate features.


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In Pop Culture

  • In season 3 episode “Gingerbread” of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow makes reference to Beelzebub.  She tells her mother “I worship Beelzebub.”

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