Isle of Demons


The first depiction of the island of Satanazes as a large blue rectangular isle north of Antillia.

Location Newfoundland
Other Names Satanazes | Quirpon Island | Hand Of Satan


Isle of Demons first appeared on maps as “Satanazes” in 1424, drawn as being in the middle of the north Atlantic Ocean.  It was also drawn as a large, blue rectangle with bays and settlements.  The inscription included was in Italian (ista ixolla dixemo satanazes) but, when translated, means “this is the island called of the devils”.  The red island on the lower portion on the map was known as Antillia.

Satanazes disappears from practically all maps after Christopher Columbus’s voyages of the 1490s.  It is said that it was relocated as the Isle of Demons, which is located between Newfoundland and Greenland.

Feared by Sailors


The “Hand of Satan” rising from the water to stick a ship.

Legend has it that any ship foolish enough to dock on the island never escaped.  If the crew wandered the island, they would be tormented by the demons until they were eaten alive by the animals.  Any ship that remained off the shoreline would be stuck down by the hand of Satan.

Captain’s Daughter

In the 19th century, legend has it that a ship captain’s daughter became pregnant out of wedlock with one of his crew members.  The captain, who was furious upon finding out, left his daughter and her lover on the Isle of Demons. They were tormented by the demons and eventually torn apart by the vicious animals.  Fishermen say that on a moonlit night, you can still see the couple, walking the shoreline and waiting to be rescued.

Present Day

Quirpon island is currently uninhabited.

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